Emil Moonstone is an Italian singer and composer.

In 1992 he formed the “South Breed Out” band noise of which he is the leader and the voice. He had been previously part of the punk band, always as the  founder, (Burp, Nevrotic Heads, DDT, Flying chips, Pastonudo).

After years of inactivity decides his  return on the scene, and with the inevitable other soul of “Two Moons”  Joshep Rips Asanda (European Ghost, KIŠA) he forms the Two Moons, band with which  is still in full activity with 1 EP and 3 albums.

Emil Moonstone has released an album entirely written and played alone, a proposal and a search for sounds different from the previous. A one man show project, which expresses almost 30 years of music in different bands, this time for better or for worse not contaminated by other components or collaborations.

Emil Moonstone is an Anomalies. In the classical nomenclature of rock where the Artists are classified as front man / backing band the preconceived notions of importance are inherent. It is easy to focus on Moonstone and ignore the fact that on stage, he is shoulder to shoulder with a group of musicians with whom he creates something beyond that each of them would achieve alone.

The Anomalies were founded for  support in live concerts  of the Moonstone solo project, they integrate very soon even before going on stage becoming one integral part of the project.  Their task was initially to enhance the performances of Moonstone making the live concerts always an unicum, their task now is to be the band “The Anomalies” with Moonstone as vocal.