What isNaked is man upon the earth“Naked is man upon the earth”is the second album ofEmil Moonstone & the AnomaliesIt comes with an apocalyptic, onric cover, as with the first album, by artistStefano Bonazzi.

The album deepens the themes of “Disappointed”and tells of a world that sees us increasingly alone fighting in a bleak future due to the failure of the human race. Musically, the songs unfold over piano arpeggios, where noise guitar riffs suddenly shift to 70’s and 80’s desert settings with surf-psychedelic excursions.In this melancholic, visionary and dreamlike album, Emil Moonstone and his Anomalies do not spare themselves and record all the inspirations, follies, extravagances, and impudences, with the research and care for sounds that distinguish them. Moonstone again breaks the collective mold and makes a record for those who know how to stop and listen:«one of the reasons that has made man naked on earth, he says, is precisely the inability to appreciate things with due attention.»

“Disappointed” is the first album by Emil Moonstone, the solo project of the Two Moons voice.
An album in which, apart from having composed all the songs, plays most of the instruments during the recording sessions.
Nine tracks, psychedelia, noise effect, study experiments, are intertwined in a maliscious record, but at the same time full of feelings.
“Disappointed”, is presented by what is already the apocalyptic cover, edited by the artist Stefano Bonazzi, leaving no room for imagination: it is a raw, true and visceral disc.
The central theme in the album narrates of failures, of things that somehow end up in pieces, of a gloomy future, of disappointment for the failure of the human race.
Musically speaking, the songs are developed on the basis of drum machines in which noise guitar riffs suddenly leave room for a break marked by a dull trip-hop, and then resume the central plot and its psychedelic excursions.
“Disappointed” is almost an account of where we have ended up. So it is not a casual choice to end the album with “Hurt”, a placid finale in which the NIN cover (or if you prefer, the cover of the Johnny Cash cover), seems to want to bring a thread of order, into the chaos of sounds and words.
The album turns out to be difficult, Moonstone does not spare himself and records in this project all his inspirations, the splinters of madness, extravagance, tenacity and impudence, all attitudes that distinguish him.
Thus the voice of Two Moons decides today to go beyond the collective schemes, wounding the common perception, making sure to turn the purists nose up, striking the susceptibility of many.
But this is E. Moonstone, this is “Disappointed” because when a man is “disappointed” he tends not to use half terms.